Tire Ground Rubber Biodegradation by a Consortium Isolated from an Aged Tire

Sarelia M. Castañeda Alejo, Kevin Tejada Meza, María R. Valderrama Valencia, Armando J. Arenazas Rodríguez, Christian J. Málaga Espinoza

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Rubber is a natural product, the main car tire component. Due to the characteristics acquired by this material after its vulcanization process, its degradation under natural conditions requires very long times, causing several environmental problems. In the present work, the existence of a bacterial consortium isolated from a discarded tire found within the Socabaya River with the ability to degrade shredded tire rubber without any chemical pretreatment is explored. Taking into consideration the complex chemical composition of a rubber tire and the described benefits of the use of pretreatments, the study is developed as a preliminary analysis. The augmentative growth technique was used, and the level of degradation was quantified as a percentage through the analysis of microbial respiration. Schiff’s test and the use of comparative photographs of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) were also used. The consortium using next generation genetic sequencing was analyzed. A 4.94% degradation point was obtained after 20 days of experimentation, and it was found that the consortium was mostly made up with Delftia tsuruhatensis with 69.12% of the total genetic readings of the consortium and the existence of 15% of unidentified microbial strains at the genre level. The role played by the organisms in the degradation process is unknown. However, the positive results in the tests carried out show that the consortium had action on the shredded tire, showing a mineralization process.

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EstadoPublicada - jul. 2022


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