Exopolysaccharide (pullulan) production from sugarcane bagasse hydrolysate aiming to favor the development of biorefineries

R. Terán Hilares, J. Resende, C. A. Orsi, M. A. Ahmed, T. M. Lacerda, S. S. da Silva, J. C. Santos

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Pullulan is a biopolymer used in food industry produced by Aureobasidium pullulans from starch. In the present work, sugarcane bagasse (SCB) hydrolysate was evaluated as an alternative substrate in fermentation process assisted by blue LED lights. The best fermentation conditions in Erlenmeyer flasks were 25.3 °C, stirring speed of 232 rpm and yeast extract concentration of 1.88 g/L, yielding 25.19 g/L of pullulan, that corresponded to yield of 0.48 g/g and 0.28 g/(L·h) of volumetric productivity. By using a column bubble photobioreactor, similar yield values were obtained. Thermal properties of the produced pullulan as glass transition (Tg) and melting (Tm) temperatures were 38 °C and 160 °C, respectively, which were similar to the corresponding values of commercial food grade pullulan. Therefore, SCB hydrolysate is a promising substrate to produce good quality pullulan (86% of purity) with application in food industry, besides to represent a new alternative for biorefineries.

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PublicaciónInternational Journal of Biological Macromolecules
EstadoPublicada - 15 abr. 2019
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